About BubblySprout / Hi, I am Bubbly Sprout! I LOVE to read! My favorite is the Harry Potter series. This year I am 9 years old. I live in a house with a family of 4 bookworms: my mom, dad, and one 7 year old brother. I like to play the piano, soccer, ride horses, and do archery. My mom and dad are both Chinese. My favorite place to visit is China, especially the Great Wall. My favorite food is dumplings! I hike, mountain bike, skate, and ski. I tinker frequently and go to places like the New York Maker Faire, and the New York Hall of Science.  The idea to create a blog struck me when I checked out a blog made by a kid to teach kids to make food. So my mom started finding the easiest platforms to make a blog and found WordPress. I am extremely excited to be starting this blog!