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Encounter (My first Fiction)

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

I tiptoed down the corridor, my feet not making a sound on the cool marble floor. It was summer, but I was shivering. I turned a corner into the dining room. It was cold and empty, the foreboding Corinthian columns standing there regally, like forgotten statues. I eased my way around the mahogany table, taking care not to disturb the chilling silence that enveloped the whole house like a blanket. I turned to face the red velvet curtains that hung over the windows, blocking everything from outside. In the dim light, they looked the color of blood. I crept around the curtains and hid, my heart pounding like a drum in my ears. For how long I waited I did not know; Time became distorted as I crouched there, unseen in the folds of the curtain.

    Then I heard him moving down the hallway. He made no effort to be noiseless. From the position I was crouched, I could see through the crack in the bottom of the curtain. I saw those metal feet, covered in rust, clanking along the floor. I saw his metal body, pale as the moon, as he clanked along the hallway. “Where is she?” he hissed, as if talking to the house. His voice sounded like metal scratching against a blackboard. “You cannot hide! Wherever you are!” he said, his voice rising. “I will find you.” I tried to make myself disappear, to become one with the shadows. My heartbeat matched the clank of those deadly feet. I tried to make myself smaller. “I sense you,” he rasped. I heard his feet clank to a stop. “Oh ho, you are hiding behind there.” I heard him coming closer, my heart pounded. I saw only one way. I took a deep breath, gathered my wits and sprinted forward, bursting from behind the curtains.

    I ran around him, and he made no movement to stop me. I turned a corner and ran, my heart feeling as if it were about to beat out of my chest. I ran up the stairs, like my whole life depended on it. (It did.) I skidded to a halt, and chose a random room. I barreled in and threw the door shut behind me, I leaned against it, my breath coming in bursts. I heard him coming up the stairs. “You are a weakling and fool to think that a mere door will stop me,” he hissed. “All doors must open to me.” With a crash that shook the house to its foundations, the door splintered inwards! I flew through the air and hit the wall with a smack. My back screamed in agony. I crawled to my feet, my whole body aching.

    I saw him coming towards me, in slow motion. He halted in front of me. His metal legs and iron face were intimidating. “The bug!” I suddenly remembered. There was an error in my program last night. That was why my robot was attacking me! “I need to change the program!” I saw my computer, sitting on the table, and I tried to run around him. He grabbed me, and I screamed, I tried to pull away. He held on tight. I pulled at his arm until, CRASH, a piece of his arm flew off! His grip loosened, and I seized the opportunity to run away. “You will die,” I heard his mechanical voice say.

    I reached my computer and flipped it open. I frantically began to delete all of the program. I heard the metal steps getting closer. I pressed the upload button to transfer my program to him. With a beep, the robot stopped moving and sat down. I sighed with relief.

    Suddenly, I heard a voice calling me from far away, “Audrey, it’s time to wake up!” With a start, I woke up and found myself in my mother’s warm embrace. It was all a dream! I looked at my room, everything was back to normal. I looked over my mother’s shoulder. Then my blood froze.

    Everything was the same, except a piece of the robot’s arm, sitting on the floor right next to it…

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