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Fallen into A Book (Fiction)

“This book is superb!” said Anne, as we read together. It was a hot summer day, and my friend Anne and I were reading inside together. We were both bookworms and we liked nothing more than reading. The book we were reading was a story about a small group of people who had to journey through a mysterious forest to find a magnificent jewel. Anne, my best friend, had big thick glasses, each lens looked like  a magnifying glass. She had dark brown hair. Today, it was braided into two plaits. She was quite old-fashioned and was wearing a long blue checkered dress with a stiff white collar, and an ivory colored scarf which was tied around her head. Most of the time, you could find her nose in a book. Although her appearance is quite unique, she is a very loyal and entertaining friend.

The book was captivating and I could almost hear the leaves crackling under my feet as the characters of the story continued on their quest. I had just moved to turn the page when a flash of emerald green light blinded us and suddenly I was spinning around and around. All I could see was darkness. Then, quite suddenly, the spinning stopped, and I found myself lying flat on the ground. I stood up slowly and saw Anne doing the same beside me. “What on earth has transpired?” demanded Anne, brushing dust off her dress. She had a tendency to use big words. We looked around. We seemed to be in a forest, surrounded by trees. The ground was dusty and only a few tufts of grass stuck out occasionally. The air was chilly. My brain began to spin. Finally, it came up with the only suitable answer.

“Anne,” I said, slowly “I think we have fallen into the book.” She just stared at me, took off her enormous glasses, wiped them on her dress, put them on, and looked at me again.

“That is highly improbable. The book described the forest as a cheery and happy place!” she said.

“I know! But look around, this is exactly what the mysterious forest is supposed to look like!” I said, gesturing around at the trees behind me. We looked around for a long time.

Finally Anne said, “If we are in the book, how are we going to get out?”

It had become colder and colder as we talked and now I was shivering. Anne noticed, and undid her scarf and tied it around my shoulders. It helped, but not much. “Why don’t we try to walk around to see what we can find?” I asked.

“Okay, but only on the condition that we stick together,” said Anne. So we set off in a random direction. As we walked, the forest became more and more lonely, more and more desolate. The strange thing was, that there was not a sound besides the rustling of the sticks and leaves beneath our feet. No birds chirped in the destitute branches, no squirrels ran around playfully as described in the book. Everything was as silent as a tomb. Anne and I walked and walked, we walked until I felt that my legs would fall off with fatigue. Finally, when I could walk no longer, I saw a small cottage ahead.

“Look,” I said, pointing, “there is light!” We picked up our pace and soon we were at the door of the cottage. Anne knocked on the door.

There was a scraping noise inside and a gruff voice called, “Who it it?”

“It is two travelers, hungry and lost,” I said, trying to sound as pitiful as I could.

“Well then,” said the voice, appearing to think about it, “Come in.” The door opened. The house was very very small, so small in fact that we had to bend down in order to go through the door. The small house was pleasantly warm, and a fire was roaring comfortably in the fireplace, and there was something good cooking in the s big pot on the fire. The host of this small house was a little man, so little that his head only reached my hips. “Sit down, sit down.” he said in his gruff little voice. “Why have you come to the forest at such a time?” he asked as he sat down in a creaky old chair.

“We were reading a book, and then we found ourselves in the book,” said Anne, fiddling with the hem of her dress. “That is very strange indeed. Many people read our book, but they have never fallen into it,” he said.

“Why is the forest so lonely?” I asked. “When we read the book, it wasn’t so desolate.”

“When people open the book, the forest comes to life, and we inhabitants of the book are all happy. But when the book closes, we become this sad state,” said the little man, setting the mugs of steaming drink in front of us. “Drink up,” he said. For such a small man, he definitely had large mugs. The drink was warm, and made my whole body toasty.

“Oh, no!” said Anne, “when we fell into the book, the cover must have shut behind us!”

“What are we going to do? We have to get out!” I asked the little man, who had sat down and was looking at us curiously. The little man thought for awhile.

Finally he said, “I think you should go to the front cover, maybe you should go there and see if you can attract someone outside the books attention.” “The book cover is in the direction of the biggest tree on your left,” he said.

“Great idea!” I said.

“Let’s go!” said Anne.

“Good luck!” said the little man, as he waved from the door. I looked around until I saw the big tree.

“Let’s go this way!” I said to Anne, and we started off. How long we walked I did not know. We didn’t say anything, we just kept walking. After a long time, the trees thinned and we found ourselves on a smooth surface—the cover! When I looked up, I saw my room.

“Do you have a sibling?” Anne asked. “Maybe we could attract their attention and get them to open the book.”

“I have a little brother.” I said.

“Great!” said Anne. “Let’s dance around on the cover and maybe he will notice.” I saw my brother sitting on the desk next to the book and reading Harry Potter. He looked huge! We began to dance and yell at the top of our lungs. My brother did not look up. I yelled his name loudly.

“Averey!!” I screamed. He looked up, his face looked surprised. “Averey! Over here!” I yelled. He looked at the book and saw two little figures, moving on the cover.

“Ohhh!” I heard him say. He picked up the book. Anne and I jumped out of the way as his big thumb descended on the cover. Finally, he opened the book. There was a bang and a crash and a lot of blue smoke and suddenly, Anne and I found ourselves lying on my bed, flat on our backs. My brother screamed and jumped backwards.

“AHHHH!” he screamed. 

“It’s okay,” I said, as if people exploded out of books everyday.

“MOMMY! THEY EXPLODED OUT OF THE BOOK!” my brother screamed as he ran out of the room. I sighed. It was going to be a long explanation.

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