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My Fairy Teacher

My 4th grade year was made fabulous by Mrs. Hoke. Mrs. Hoke taught me that learning can be fun. She was hilarious and helped me improve on some of my work habits!

When I was finishing 3rd grade, I went to meet a 4th grade teacher. Miss Snedeker was the teacher that I met. I knew that I wanted this teacher from the moment I saw her. She looked like a fairy! Her puffy golden hair spilled onto her shoulders. She looked down on me kindly. And she was funny! On the first day of 4th grade, I saw my name under Mrs. Hoke. I was so disappointed because I wanted Miss Snedeker. When I arrived at her classroom, I thought: “Isn’t this Miss Snedeker’s classroom?” It was then that I realized that Miss Snedeker had turned into Mrs. Hoke! I was so happy!

In the beginning of the year, I couldn’t stop reading my book when the teacher was talking (not because Mrs. Hoke was boring). Mrs. Hoke helped me resist the temptation by first putting my book on her desk. After I seemed capable of not peeking at the book from there, she moved the book closer and closer to me, until finally, I could put the book on my desk and still control myself! (Hallelujah!!)

Mrs. Hoke was empathetic when it was pouring rain outside and my pants were soaked! I thought that I was going to sit in wet pants all day! But she had a brilliant idea – she let me go to the bathroom and try to blow my pants dry with the blow dryer! I had to stretch my legs really high to reach the blow dryer, like when I dance, because it was really high on the wall! In the end, my pants were dry and I had become more flexible!

When Mrs. Hoke was reading a book aloud to us and got to a part where someone was beheaded, I got a disturbing image in my mind that I could not get rid of. Mrs. Hoke told me to pretend that the heads were made out of paper. It worked!

Mrs. Hoke does the right thing except occasionally when she makes a mistake. When she does however, she always admits it. This reminds me of a famous quote by Confucius “If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.”

Instead of yelling “PAY ATTENTION” at anyone who was not listening to her when she was talking, Mrs. Hoke would start dancing around and singing in a high pitched voice: “Listen, pay attention!” This was a lot more effective and fun.

When we were doing math, Mrs. Hoke asked a student to explain how much of a fraction a shape was. The student said: “I think those little boxy things are 16ths.” Instead of saying “Please use the proper name of the shape”, Mrs. Hoke wrote on the board ”The little boxy things are 16ths.” It made the class burst into laughter!

I can’t see how anyone would not like Mrs. Hoke. She was one of the best teachers I ever had and I will miss her dearly when she moves to Utah this summer. I hope she has a lot of fun teaching at her new school! During winter break I might go skiing in Utah and I will be sure to visit her!

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